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    Handloader February-March 2023

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    Handloader February-March 2023

    This issue features the 6x45mm, Diamond Jubilee, .218 Bee, 50 Years with the .45-70, The Sako That Never Was, and much more.

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    Measuring your BC - Oehler System 89

    Jeremiah & Rick Jamison

    Rick and Jeremiah setup and test the Oehler System 89. It is designed to measure in real time you... ...Read More >


    WWII Small Arms Series Japanese Handguns

    Jeremiah Polacek & Mike Venturino

    We continue our WWII Small Arms Series. Jeremiah and Mike Venturino discuss the history, care, lo... ...Read More >


    Propellant Profiles Accurate No 7

    Jeremiah Polacek

    In this video we are reviewing Accurate No 7 by Hodgdon Powder Company. Taking our popular Propel... ...Read More >

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    Reloader’s Press

    Handloading 30 Super Carry: Hyped or Hip?
    column by: Jeremiah Polacek

    There has been a lot of talk about the 30 Super Carry cartridge since its introduction at the SHOT Show in 2022. Around that same time, a quest for load data and components was started. With no published data at the time of this writing and few components available, it was quite a puzzle to determine where to start. As with most cartridges, the firearm used for testing can have a great impact on the overall experience with the cartridge itself. For this reason, a Nighthawk Custom 1911 President chambered in 30 Super Carry was selected. ...Read More >


    Propellant Profiles

    Winchester WinClean 244
    column by: R.H. VanDenberg, Jr.

    I would be willing to wager that Alliant’s Bullseye, Winchester’s 231 (W-231) and its identical twin, Hodgdon’s HP-38 are the three most popular powders used to reload handgun cartridges defined by the Winchester powder licensee, Hodgdon Powder Co. as “medium handgun loads.” What constitutes a “medium handgun load?” From what I can glean from researching a number of published loading data sources, it includes some 20 cartridges from the diminutive .25 Auto, .32 S&W Long, .32 H&R Magnum, .327 Federal Magnum, .380 Auto, .38 Super, the ever-popular .38 Special, the current darling – 9mm Luger, .357 SIG, .357 Magnum (light magnum loads), 40 S&W, 10mm Auto, .44 Special, .44 Magnum (light magnum loads), .45 Gap, the iconic .45 Auto and others. Target loads to service loads in a broad range of applications have made these three powders the mainstay of many a handloader’s handgun propellant inventory, myself included. ...Read More >


    Bullets & Brass

    .44 Russian Bullet Alloy and Lubricants
    column by: Brian Pearce

    Q: It is always a good day when my Handloader arrives! About 90 percent of the time, when it arrives, I read your articles first, especially if they are about big-bore handguns. Regarding your “Pet Loads” article on the .44 Russian found in Handloader No. 339 (August – September 2022); it was very good as usual. I do have a few questions. ...Read More >


    Cartridge Board

    .30 WCF Smokeless or .30-30 Winchester - (Part II)
    column by: Gil Sengel

    In my last column, Handloader No. 341 (December – January 2022), I looked into the events that led up to the introduction of the Winchester Model 1894 rifle in 1894. The original chamberings were the black powder .32-40 Winchester and .38-55 Winchester. The following year, the Winchester catalog listed two new cartridges, the .25-35 Winchester Smokeless and the .30 WCF Smokeless, that was all. The text didn’t even include the word “new.” Did someone forget to inform the marketing department? Perhaps there was a reason. ...Read More >

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