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    Handloader (October/November 2020)

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    Handloader (October/November 2020)

    This issue features Modernizing the 6mm-06, .327 Federal Magnum, .280 Ross, .25-06 Remington, Ruger M77 .220 Swift, and much more.

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    Freedom Arms .454 Casull

    Jeremiah Polacek

    This exciting video shows some of the loading procedures for the .454 Casull, as well as accuracy... ...Read More >


    .20 Tactical

    R.H. VamDenburg, Jr.

    Devotees of .20-caliber cartridges know that early examples appeared as much as a century ago. Ba... ...Read More >


    Hornady's Precision Measurement Station

    Jeremiah Polacek

    In our series on handloading tools, the Hornady Precision Measurement Station is profiled.... ...Read More >

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    Reloader's Press

    There Are No .32, .38 or .44 Calibers
    column by: Dave Scovill

    For those who are just beginning to experience psychotic withdrawal from being “alone together” for the last few months, not that it hasn’t become obvious that there will be no immediate relief from watching reruns of old reruns of even older movies, the following is an offering to folks who are suffering from what is akin to watching paint dry. For veterans who served in the armed services, we have experience to draw from. Such duties were often posted on the midwatch, which in many instances really was watching paint dry. ...Read More >


    Practical Handloading

    Case Expansion Measurement
    column by: Rick Jamison

    Handloaders have seen the recommendations in load manuals and elsewhere for determining a maximum load with a micrometer. The usual method is to mark each case at the web, then using a blade micrometer, measure each case after firing to see how much the diameter enlarges. Through the years there have been variations on this process. The locations to measure, whether web, expansion ring, extractor groove, rim or belt have varied, as has the amount of acceptable expansion. ...Read More >


    Bullets & Brass

    6.5 Weatherby Rebated Precision Magnum
    column by: Brian Pearce

    Q: I am handloading for the 6.5 Weatherby Rebated Precision Magnum and using select data based on your handloads presented in your article in RIFLE magazine (March/April 2020). I am having trouble ejecting spent brass. I am hoping you can offer some insight into what I might be doing wrong. I am using factory once-fired cases, Nosler 140-grain AccuBond bullets and Alliant Reloder 25 powder with loads containing 62.0 to 66.0 grains. Any help that you can offer will be appreciated. ...Read More >


    Cartridge Board

    .310 Cadet
    column by: Gil Sengel

    Students of the rifle know of the Boer War (1899-1902) between Britain and Dutch settlers in South Africa. This little dustup rudely illustrated, to even the dullest British officer, the capability of an accurate rifle when managed by a man skilled in practical marksmanship. Suddenly, marksmanship training, or “musketry instruction,” as it was then called, became a hot topic. ...Read More >

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