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    Handloader (August/September 2020)

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    Handloader (August/September 2020)

    This issue features Bullets by the Bunch, 7mm Remington Magnum, .375 Holland & Holland, Blame It on Lucile, ‘03 Springfields, and much more.

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    Testing .380 ACP Handloads

    Jeremiah Polacek

    The Browning Black Label Medallion 1911 chambered in .380 ACP is a nice shooting lightweight pist... ...Read More >


    Handloading the .22-250

    Jeremiah Polacek

    We shoot several handloads through a Nosler custom M48 rifle with a Leupold scope. Check out and ... ...Read More >


    6mm-204 RR

    Brian Pearce

    The primary motive for “wildcatting” is usually geared toward creating a cartridge that performs ... ...Read More >

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    Reloader's Press

    Fifty Years with the .45 Colt
    column by: Dave Scovill

    March of this year marked 50 years since the purchase of my first Colt Single Action Army. A letter from Colt a few years ago stated it was shipped as a .41 Colt to El Paso, Texas, in 1908. Since it was a .38 Special with a 4.75-inch barrel and the frame was blue, it is fair to assume it was converted sometime after Colt offered .38 Special barrels and cylinders to replace obsolete calibers sometime after World War II. ...Read More >


    Practical Handloading

    Finding Twist-Suitable Bullets
    column by: Rick Jamison

    Bullets have become longer through the years, to the point that many of them do not provide gyroscopically stable flight from traditional rifling twist rates and shooting conditions. Because of this, ballistic coefficient (BC), accuracy potential and performance on impact may be degraded. ...Read More >


    Bullets & Brass

    .44 Magnum Powders and Bullets
    column by: Brian Pearce

    Q: I am handloading for a Ruger New Model Super Blackhawk .44 Magnum with a 10.5-inch barrel. In selecting loading components and data, I would like to use Oregon Trail Laser-Cast, 240-grain SWC bullets with a target velocity of 1,000 to 1,200 fps. ...Read More >


    Cartridge Board

    .416 Weatherby Magnum
    column by: Gil Sengel

    It has been written that really serious riflefolk are those who own more rifles than they need. That’s fair enough, because “need” is a moving target. One never knows when the opportunity may come to hunt a species of game not native to the local area, or try a new form of target competition. It would be terribly embarrassing to meekly admit to not having a proper rifle – what would the neighbors think? ...Read More >

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