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    7mm Remington Magnum Handloads

    This data was shot by Jeremiah Polacek, Wolfe Publishing Company. Gun: Remington Model 700 (customized); barrel length: 24 inches; case: Norma; primer: Federal 215M; bullet diameter: .284". Weather conditions: 85 degrees Fahrenheit, 30% humidity, Pressure 25.16 HG, Altitude 5,000 Ft, Wind 1-5MPH.

    This rifle, built on a Remington Model 700 action, shot really well. It tended to do really well with all the loads we developed. As we got closer to the maximum loads, the groups really tightened.

    Please note that all of these loads were safe and within established pressure and velocity guidelines in our test rifle. However, many of these loads are at or near maximum which is where we found the best accuracy please start with recommended staring charges and work in small increments when approaching max loads. All LoadData for this cartridge is available on LoadData.com.

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