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    New Signature Color Packaging for IOSSO Case Polish

    Iosso's Case Polish packaging is now in their signature color, cobalt blue bottles! Iosso Case Polish works with tumbling media to reduce tumbling time and gives brass casings a like-new finish. It removes powder fouling, residue, oxidation, tarnish, and discoloration. It brings casings to a high luster and protects casings from tarnishing.

    Available in a variety of sizes for the at home reloader to the commercial reloader.   Environmentally friendly! User friendly!  It’s great for users with allergies; USDA Certified Bio-based formula has no odor.  Available in larger sizes up to 55 gallon. For further information contact Iosso Products, 1485 Lively Blvd. Elk Grove, IL 60007, Toll free phone: 888-747-4332, or www.iosso.com

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