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    Shooter's World Introduces AR Plus Powder

    With the popularity of the AR platform shooting 5.56mm and 7.62mm, Shooter's World continues to hone their propellant selection for further optimization.

    AR-Plus provides additional cleanliness and flash suppression for AR platforms chambered in popular bottlenecked cartridges.

    Some folks like to plink with ultra-light loads in AR platforms.  For that, we’ve found Tactical Rifle to perform admirably.  It’s got the “gas” to cycle the AR’s at low charge weights.    And, Tactical Rifle has been found to work with heavier bullets at higher velocities too.

    But for those shooters who’re looking to launch 55-62-grain bullets in 5.56mm, or the standard 147/150-grain bullets in 7.62mm, both at standard velocities, they wanted a further optimized solution. Those bullet combinations account for a great proportion of the ammunition consumed in 5.56mm and 7.62mm, so it stands to reason that Shooter's World should offer a propellant optimized for them!   This propellant also works well in 22-250 REM, .222 REM, .303 British, .30-30, and 7.62x54R. 

    As with their other spherical propellants, AR-Plus flows like water through a volumetric charger.  Loaders will see no more than 1/10th of a grain of variation in charge weight from a powder drop.  This has been tested in Dillon, RCBS, Lee, Hornady, Hollywood, and Lyman chargers.

    Examples of NATO performance, for AR-Plus:

    5.56mm NATO

    Bullet Weight       Charge       Veocity       Pressure
    55-grain FMJ           26.9            3,414            56,592

    7.62mm NATO

    147-grain FMJ          45               2,926           59,005

    Technical support of this propellant is available upon request.

    Ballistic load data using SAAMI test methods and standards for AR-Plus propellant is available on the Shooter's World Website.

    As with any propellant and load combination, a minor change to any of the components of the test load CAN result in significant shift in ballistic performance.  This shift can cause unintended high pressures, and result in injury or death.  Therefore, Shooters World LLC, nor the manufacturer of this propellant take no responsibility for the intentional or unintentional misuse of this product.  The charge weight noted above is NOT recommended, either as a starting nor completed load.  It is shown merely as an indication of potential performance in one test load, shot by CIP standards.

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